Greater Good Network Part 1♥

Hello and Welcome to A Giving Guide! Today, I feel like talking about the 1st website/ charity that is run by Greater Good Network:

The Hunger Site!!

The Hunger Site helps Hunger! When you 1st open the site, there is a

BIG Yellow Button!!

Hit that and you will donate 1.1 cups of food to people who are hungry.  Let’s say that you want to donate everyday but you forget things easily.  That’s no problem!  You can sign up for daily click reminders.  You can also sign up for the weekly newsletter.  If you do, you get a free pair of Cultivate Peace bracelets.  Another way to donate to the Hunger Site is to buy something from the

Hunger Site Store!!

Every time you buy something from the Hunger Site Store, you donate at least 25 cups of food!  The least expensive items, which are $3.00, donates 25 cups of food.  The most expensive item, which is $799.95, donates 1, 500 cups of food.  The Hunger Site Store can be expensive but they have special deals everyday.

One time, if you spent $30, you got free shipping.  They also have free items that you can get if you just put it in your cart.  For Christmas, you could have gotten a free pair of Pom Pom Santa Claus Socks.

If you would like to donate by clicking the BIG YELLOW BUTTON, click here! If you would like to buy something, click here!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time when I tell you about…  Naaa, I won’t spoil it.

-♥AE Keller

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