Syria Divided!

The situation in Syria is getting worse and worse constantly. The Syrian government began to put restrictions on international journalists. Will the situation ever get better, let’s look at how it all started.

The whole ordeal started when anti-governmental protests broke out in Syria about 10 months ago. With protests getting larger and larger every day so, the Syrian government, in attempt to stomp out the protesters began using military force against protesters. There have been many accounts of Syrian government soldiers and security forces shooting at protesters in the streets and killing innocent civilians that weren’t even part of the protests. Right now the death toll is estimated to be somewhere near 5,000 to 6,000 since March.

Now it has begun to really anger the people. Up until this point the government has done their best to hide their crimes, but thousands of people showed up to a funeral for a 32 year old man who was just simply walking down a street when he was gunned down by government forces earlier this week just outside of Damascus. The protesters stated that they would be too afraid to protest out in the streets if the Arab League monitors weren’t there.  Meanwhile, only about a half a mile away, a smaller pro-government rally had formed.

This could mean an all out civil war in Syria. The Syrian government has already used it’s military to stop protests and they have been met with minimal violence from the protesters themselves. Right now the situation in Syria is mainly calm, but the Syrian government has not yet pulled troops and weapons off of the streets of Syria as the Arab League told them to. The situation is very fragile and could erupt into all out war in Syria as it did in Libya.

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