Greater Good Network Part 2♥

Welcome back to A Giving Guide!  I will now introduce the next site…

The Breast Cancer Site!!

The Breast Cancer Site helps, you guessed it, breast cancer!  Breast cancer victims are close to my heart.  My grandmother had it.  It has a

BIG pink button!

Every time you click the BIG Pink Button, you give a woman who needs a Mammogram (which is an x- ray of a woman’s breast to see if the “lump” of cancer is growing or changing) the treatment they need!  If you forget things easily, you can sign up for the daily click reminders.  If you do, you can get a free Classic Pink Ribbon Pin.  You can also donate by buying something from the

Breast Cancer Site Store!

Every item you buy buys at least 1% of a mammogram to women who need them!  The least expensive, which is $0.80, donates  1% of a mammogram.  The most expensive, which is $799.95, donates 30% of a mammogram.

They also offer great deals–once, all you had to do was enter the code TOASTY— and you got a free pair of black gloves!  Every day there is a new deal and sometimes you can get a deal for multiple days!

If you would like to donate by clicking the BIG PINK BUTTON, click here! If you would like to donate by buying something, click here!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time when I talk about the three sites by Greater Good Network!

– ♥AE Keller

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