Many people have inspirations in this world. Some inspirations are family, friends, celebrities, or just people who make you feel happy. The thing about inspirational people is you don’t choose them, they just kind of come to you. Inspirational people are like knowledge– some people don’t have much knowledge in one thing, such as math but rock at another, like science– and it’s hard to explain how it happens.

My inspiration, as everyone knows, is Demi Lovato. Most people may think she’s not inspirational and may negatively judge her a lot, which makes me upset. Many people don’t take the time to look at another’s positives and just look at their negatives. For example: bullying. Lots of bullies judge people because they are weak, won’t fight back, aren’t beautiful to them (when everyone is beautiful in my opinion), are a little over or underweight, or other reasons, but the right thing to do is stand up and not deal with it.

Bullying can affect people so much that they eventually commit suicide. Over fourteen percent of students consider committing suicide and seven percent actually commit suicide because of bullying. Of this, the people between ages 10 and 14 are the ones with most risk of killing themselves.

Words hurt more than actions, be careful what you say. Be like Demi Lovato –whose suffering went unnoticed for the most part– but she still knew that what she was doing was wrong and decided to tell the truth, not only to who cares the most about her; her fans, but the whole world.

As a little girl Demi Lovato was a little overweight and there for was bullied, she said the following in an interview “When I grew up… very, very skinny girls were on the cover of every magazine… I don’t want that for young girls to idolize… there needs to be a role model out there, and for the first time in my life I actually feel like one.”

Demi Lovato on her recovery from an eating disorder, September 20, 2011

Demi Lovato was bullied and considered it a very serious thing to talk about.

“Bullying is a very serious thing to me, I’ve witnessed it first hand, I was bullied myself when I was 12.”
~ Demi Lovato.

Now she is o.k. and nows just how to be a role model to people that are currently going through the same problems she was going through.

“The way I want to be a role model is not by not making mistakes, but by helping people overcome things from the obstacles that I’ve overcome.”
~ Demi Lovato.



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