Is Space Bad for the Eyes?

Recent research conducted by NASA is illustrating a problem with male astronaut’s eyes after being in space. All of the affected astronauts were males, and only the ones over the age of 45 years old have not recovered from the condition. NASA says that this could put a stop to any plans to establish a colony on the moon or Mars until they learn what is causing this problem and how to prevent it from occurring or reversing the side-effects.

The scientists have discovered that the problem is a condition called papilledema. The condition is initiated when the optic nerve at the back of someone’s eye is flattened out, making it hard for people to see things closely without glasses. One of the strange things about the condition is that when you put red eye drops in the eye of some one who suffers from it their eyes turn yellow.

The scientists at NASA are clueless as to what caused this condition. Their best guess is that it is caused by increasing pressure in astronaut’s heads during long-term space missions aboard the ISS. They are working as fast as they can to solve the problem.

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