We Need Backpacks!

Do you, teachers, ever see a student running to a class trying to get there on time and BAM! all their stuff falls to the floor? They are late to class, and have to scurry to pick their things up– and before you know it another student has to deal with the same problem. Usually, it’s the time allotted between periods you blame, but most students– if they really care about school– they’d put effort into getting to class no matter how short the passing periods may be. That’s why the problem isn’t time, but the fact that backpacks are contraband. No Falcon is allowed to carry their backpacks around, but backpacks could truly be beneficial in many ways.

Even though there was once a situation in which a boy brought a machete with him to school, there are ways of preventing that from happening ones more.First of all it could be mandatory to only be able to buy see through backpacks. Also teachers could check backpacks every morning during first period.There are many other ways to prevent stuff like that from happening we just need to stay safe and have bad consequences to the people who don’t follow the rules.

First of all, backpacks help people carry their things around much more easily and without trouble. Also, backpacks would save so much money in lockers. This year Krueger has had people share lockers or go without, but that could be bad considering the fact that everyone is trying to fit their stuff into a locker that they’re sharing. Then they end up jamming it and having to get it repaired, wasting more school money. Finally if we could save metal and recycle it’s going to help us – why not join being green and taking care of our Earth!

That is why,teachers, you guys should really consider talking to the principal to get the school saving money and staying green. Let us carry around backpacks! It would help students and the school itself.

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  1. RC says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE that would be awesome to carry them around!

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