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Did you know that there is not only UIL for intelligence, there is also UIL for musical talents! This year like all the other years, Krueger’s very own symphony orchestra is going to UIL to compete against various other schools at Johnson High School. Krueger will be going to UIL on March 1st, lets hope that the orchestra has a goodnight sleep, because this can be a tiring event. This year is not going to be the same though, Ms. Watson main band director, and Mr. Newman orchestra conductor have decided to go to UIL as a full orchestra. This is what we believe to be the first time that full orchestra is going to compete in UIL.

Full orchestra is where all the instruments of a middle school orchestra, and the instruments of band are included and played together. Instruments from orchestra in middle school would include the…violin, viola, cello, and bass; for a band there would be the…clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, drums, xylophone, saxophone, baritone, tuba, cymbals, and oboe; there are so many band instruments! Of course each student knows their instrument really well, because one of the tests for UIL includes sight reading music for the first time; trust me this can be very challenging.

At UIL orchestras are expected to play three songs, and sight read a sheet of music they have never seen before. The conductor of the full orchestra is supposed to explain the whole sight reading piece in just 7 minutes, after that time they are not allowed to talk at all. Sight reading can be very tough for a full orchestra because there are so many instruments that have to play together, at tempo, and with the right notes. With all this to pay attention to, plus sound, UIL can be pretty nerve wracking, but that’s why our orchestra practices many weeks before to be prepared.

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  1. Gabriel Akessler says:

    Its Orchestra&Band that are preparing

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