Homework is work given to you by teachers to do at home to see if you understand the lesson that they just gave you in class. When teachers give you homework, what does it mean to you?

“Some teachers just give us homework to torture us by giving us way too much,” Adrienne Auten, 8th grade.

Most students see homework as Adrienne does. They see it as teachers being evil and giving you too much to torture you. But some people don’t see it one way, they see it both ways.

“It means that homework is an assignment after school to help you study and stay on task when not at school. I also think that some teachers give too much,” Arieanna Lee, 7th grade.

Some students, like Arieanna, think that homework can be good, but teachers sometimes give you too much. Students like her don’t complain about homework, but do complain when they feel like it is too much.

“I think that homework is a way to study, it’s not torture as some kids make it seem. It’s used to help you,” Diane Thongkam, 8th grade.

So as you can see, everybody has their own opinion about homework. Some are positive, negative, and in-between. These opinions don’t change the fact that you still have to do your homework and that you will still receive homework from all your teachers every once in a while.

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