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I bet there are some people out there who are artists, writers, etc… Even people who like anime/manga like me! And maybe you want to find websites that, for artists and writers, will show your work publicly. Or, maybe, for manga/anime fans, you’re looking for websites where you can watch/read anime/manga for free. Below are some websites that allow you to accomplish these goals:

Websites for Anime Fans

Websites for Artists

deviantART on deviantART

Websites for Manga Fans


Websites for Writers

FanFiction on deviantART

There are also websites out there that allow you to hang out with friends online, also known as “social networks”. Below are some social networks, mainly famous among people my age:


There are also websites that allow you to create an avatar and get social online as MMORPGs (Multi-Massive Online Role-Playing Games) such as GaiaOnline, where you can play games and chat with people all over the world.

Now, these are websites I would recommend. deviantART (also abbreviated as dA) is the largest artwork community online, so if you’re an artist hoping to get views, I highly suggest this website for you.

As for the other websites… If you find anything better, please comment.

kthxbai 🙂

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