Fiction by Torin Hicks

    I run. I run, yet I don’t know why. Then I remember. He is the reason why I run in the night. He is the one who cursed me to run in the night.

    When I was a little girl, I used to play on the old swing set at the abandoned playground near the school. My friends were never there with me. I had none, even after 3 months of being there in that stupid town. Then I met Him.

    He was tall, had a dark cloak, and spoke in a gravelly voice. “Hello, little girl. Do you want some friends.”

        ” Are you insane?! How much of an idiot do you think I am? Get away from me!” I started to run, but he stopped me. He didn’t grab me though, which was the strange part.

        “Don’t worry, they won’t hurt you. They cannot. They will never leave you, and always protect you from potential harm.”

        “This is too good to be true” I thought.

        He gave me a small box and said,” Follow the instructions I give you carefully. Place the package in the moonlight tonight with a turtle shell next to it. Open the package and place the contents in the shell when you wake up. Then tomorrow night, see what is inside.” I followed his instructions only because I wanted someone to be friends with.

    When I got home from another day of school, I was miserable. I had failed a test, got gum in my hair, and fell on my face in the cafeteria after being tripped. I watched “What’s new, Scooby Doo?” on T.V., ate dinner, and went to my room. The shell had cracked open on the top, and a small piece was next to it. As I looked for anything else unusual, I hear a faint voice whisper, “Master?” It then ran up my shoulder and sat there. “Master, I am Rodon. I am here to help you.”

        I thought,’ This is cool. But he’s too small.’ “Can you grow taller and bigger?” He started to grow. He grew to my height and build, and then shrank down.

        “I go sleep now. Good night.”

        ‘ I’ll teach him grammar next.’ I thought. Then I went to sleep.

        I woke up the next morning excited. We were going to school, Rodon and I. I boarded the bus, and the ride was great. We was all alone. Rodon didn’t mind. He was asleep. When we got to my class, he shrank down and fit into my pocket. He sat still all period long for 5 periods. At lunch though, he was fidgety. He couldn’t stay still. Then my arch-nemesis arrived; Her name was Brea Gladstone.

        “Who’s your friend?” she asked sarcastically. “Oh wait, you don’t have any!” She then proceeded to laugh in my face.

        Rodon stopped fidgeting. He got up and threw her across the cafeteria, and ran to her. He dropkicked her, and then sat back down. Fifteen minutes later, cops showed up.

        I ran out of the building. I left my backpack in a tree and bolted. I got out of there and ran to find the man. He was still there at the playground. “What did you give me?! He almost killed someone! Do something!” He just smiled.

        “Isn’t this what you wanted? To not be picked on? Now you run from your mistake. So you shall run forever.”

        I then started to change. I couldn’t speak, I got shorter, more hair, and an acute sense of smell. I was a wolf. I ran at the man, but he was gone. I couldn’t stop running. I still run. I never tire. So don’t do something that you will regret!

by Torin Hicks

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