Fiction by Trey Bellers

by Trey Beller

    Leo yawned and stretched his arms. He looked down at the little machine he had been building. It looked like a small metal triangle, but when Leo pushed the button at the top, it opened up its tiny engines and started hovering in his hand. He smiled and looked at the time. He started. It was 75:92 in the morning. It was time to check the readings! He turned around and said, “RIA! Alert Ministress Karo that I will be going to the science bay to do the stability readings!”

     “Of course”, said the robotic voice of RIA, the ship’s extremely intelligent AI. “Would you also like me to clean up your desk?”, she asked. “Yes, thank you”, Leo said as he turned, spread his wings, and jumped off the ledge where his office resided. He glided down to the walkway and headed over to the hover-kart stand. He grabbed one, hopped in it, and sped through the air towards the bridge of the ship. As he passed through the ship, Leo remembered the reason the ship was out in space in the first place. It was meant to colonize a new planet. It had been equipped with everything needed to start a new colony and keep it going until it was self-sustaining. The ship itself would have been able to sustain a small country indefinitely. Leo was snapped out of his day-dreaming by arriving at his destination. He leaped out of the hover-kart and jumped to attention as Ministress Karo walked up to him.

        She sighed and said, “How many times do I have to tell you, you don’t have to salute to me? You are my son, not an average officer!”

        “Yes, but I still afford you a certain amount of respect as my commanding officer mother or not”, Leo responded.

        She sighed again. “Whatever you say”, she  responded, shrugging her shoulders. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I will be heading on my way to read the stability charts”, said Leo, as he headed towards the monitors. He opened up the stability readings and gasped in surprise.

        “What is it?”, his mother asked.

        “That’s just the problem”, Leo responded, his brow furrowed with worry, “I don’t know what this is. It has both the properties of a black and white hole! “Karo paled visibly and replied, “That, son, is what you would call a wormhole. “Leo’s eyes widened, and he quickly turned around and slammed his hand down on the evacuate button. Alarms screeched as everyone in the ship ran to an escape pod. Soon, Leo was all alone, and was about to get in the escape pod, when the entire ship tilted over. By the time that Leo got up again, it was too late. The ship had entered the wormhole. Leo felt a small bump in the ship and dashed to the nearest window and saw a tiny pod, not one of the ship’s escape pods, flying alongside the ship in the strange kaleidoscope color of traveling through space and time.

        The ship suddenly stopped, and Leo was knocked unconscious. When he regained consciousness, Leo found out that three fourths of the ship was buried on a strange moon, some thousand years earlier. He called out, “RIA, was anything damaged by the wormhole?”

        She responded, “No. All systems are still intact.”

        “What is the nearest inhabited planet?”Leo called out again. She replied, “The nearest inhabited plant is the one that this moon revolves around. It is called Earth.”

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