Kony 2012?

Many people have heard of the big Kony 2012 movement that has been going on, but what is the real deal with Kony? Many people have been inspired to do something about Joseph Kony because of a 30 minute video that can be found on the official Kony 2012 website, which can be accessed by this link: http://www.kony2012.com/

Once you have watched the video you will understand why so many people have decided to help with the movement, but where is Kony and what is he doing now?

According to some people, he is hiding in the Ugandan jungle from the local military and the U.S. military advisers that are in the process of looking for him. Some believe that he is in terrible shape, starving, sick, homeless, and overall weakened by from running through the dense forests of Uganda. Others believe that he is still at large and is continuing with his crimes. The truth of the matter is that he has changed his tactics to hide from the people looking for him, so he is hiding, but whether he is hiding because he is a sickly old man, or because he just simply wants to avoid capture to continue his crimes, he is still trying to hide and the U.S. advisers and Ugandan and surrounding countries’ armies are in the process of finding him.

Some people think that the whole thing was a scam because someone said that only a small portion of the money made goes towards stopping Kony and that doing anything with the organization (the Invisible Children) is a big waste of time and money.

The video that is on the site has a lot of convincing reasons why Kony should be stopped, some are that he is number one on the International Criminal Court’s list of  the worst criminals in the world, he is not fighting for any cause, only to maintain his power, and he has abducted over 30,000 children and forces them to fight for him and do whatever he tells them to.

Whether you are supporting Kony 2012 or think it’s all a big scam, Joseph Kony is a real person and the U.S. is helping track him down in the dense jungles in Africa. They will pull the advisers out of Uganda if there is a lack of interest in the mission. If you want to support this cause at all, and if you want to do that through the Invisible Children Inc. or in your own way it is up to you. The overall message is that there are children that need humanitarian support, and like I said it is your decision on how to help, if you want to help at all.

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