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It’s finally come. The year 2012 has ended at Krueger with a bang! This year has brought forth a lot of changes to Krueger Middle School. This was the first year that Krueger was sponsored by City Year. Students were allowed to walk themselves to lunch for the first time. Choir, Orchestra, Theatre, and band all did fantastic in UIL. These are only some of the ways that Krueger has grown. This year, the Team America broke the school record by getting 2nd place in the national competition in which mostly high schools participate.


The previous record was 18th place.


The students changed too. Some students learned responsibility, “I learned that you should turn your papers in early instead of late, because then your grades go * whistle… splash!*” Esme Bugarin. While some students learned the importance of not procrastinating, “You should not start your projects the night before because sometimes, your teacher can tell just by looking at how tired you look the next day.” Sophie Otero. Looks like everyone has grown at least a tiny bit this year.

Most people think that teachers are these static characters in our lives, but they grow with us as the year progresses. Some lessons are life changing, while others help us get through life, “ Be careful who you hire.” is a lesson that 7th grade Math teacher Mrs.Curney learned in the year of 2012.

The end of school has stirred up mixed feelings. Some 8th graders are excited, “ I get to go to DATA and a Cavalier!” is what Adrienne Auten is excited about her time coming to an end at krueger. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way, “ Nothing! I don’t ever want it to end!” was 8th grader Esme Bugarin’s reply when I asked her about her favorite part of school. ending. Other opinions are more cafeteria based, “ No more cafeteria food. My mom cooks way better.” says Victoria Juarez a seventh grader. Personally, my favorite part is just not going to school in general. Looks like Krueger is in for a good well-deserved break.

Looking back at Krueger we accomplished so much this year. Krueger got 1st place in the small school division of Academic UIL. All the coaches and students worked super hard to achieve this goal. Theatre, Band, and Orchestra did amazing at UIL. They were completely phenomenal in their effort and performance! This year, one of our eighth grade team america rocket team got second place in the national competition. We also had teams get 28th, 38th, and 51st place! This competition is mostly participated by high schools but there were a few middle schools involved as well. All of Krueger is proud of all our teams. Lets hope that next year is just as great!




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