New Paint Job for School

The school has decided to repaint the walls and the gym. Maybe to cover up the mud, food goo, or graffiti. Some people think the paint is special, but they are just painting it to match the science building.

The reason they aren’t painting the science building like the rest of the school is because the science building has a ten year warranty for the bricks, and looks nicer in my opinion. During the summer the painters worked day after day ┬áto finish the gym and make our school a little nicer. And they’re not even finished yet!

Here is what some of my classmates say. Miguel, an 8th grader, said “That it looks pretty nice.” That was a nice comment to the painters, wasn’t it. Caylee another 8th grader, gives it two thumbs up. Once again, a nice comment for the painters who have been working all summer.

By: Johnny Gonzalez and Robert Downing

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