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The free dress concept at Krueger has officially changed. Last year was  if you came to school all week you had the opportunity to ditch the uniform and wear appropriate clothing at the end of the week. This year the free dress day has been changed to Monday. It’s simple, this is how it works:  all you have to do is encourage your classmates to come to school everyday, and if the school gets 97% attendance that week you get free dress on Monday!!!

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  1. Courtney Holmes Meier says:

    Just an opinion, but students have no control over their classmates decision to attend or not-attend school.
    Free dress should be a reward for the individuals that earn the privilege. Why should the majority of the population suffer for the few (3%) that have opted not to care about attending. If they don’t care about their attendance and education, I can assure you they DON’T care about free dress.

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