New Year, New Changes At Krueger

The first change here at Krueger is the fact that the entire year is different , starting with a three day weekend on the first weekend of school. There has never been a three day weekend as the first weekend of the school year in all of my years of going to N.E.I.S.D. This is because this year N.E.I.S.D. has changed their calendars to  allow a couple of extra weeks of summer vacation. This affected the rest of the year creating scenarios such as taking a couple of days off of annual breaks such as Christmas and Thanksgiving and also extending the year into the beginning of Summer Break in 2013.

That isn’t the only change that was made pertaining to time, the time that is given to students to pass between classes has in creased from 3 minutes to 4. I am one of the many students who is relieved to be able to take my time and not having to rush across the entire campus to get from class to class, and it gives students more time to pack up their binders and walk to their next class.

There are many more changes to the school, like the new lunch policy, the freshly painted walls, and new supplies were received. There isn’t enough time for me to go into detail about all of the changes here at Krueger, but it is definitely different from last year, and substantially different from 50 years ago, and will continue to change through time.

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