Bionic Contact Lenses

 Scientists have come up with an idea to project emails or text messages before your eyes anywhere you go without pulling out your cell phone. They came up with contact lenses because a lot of people wear them, and you don’t have to take them out of  your pocket.

They have been working on the prototype since 2008 but had a hard time because of two main reasons. The first challenge is to get the human eye to focus at an image that is being projected on its surface. The human eye can only focus on objects/images that are a few centimeters away. This has been resolved by a group of scientists and the help of colleagues at the University of Finland.

The second challenge is the manufacturing of the lenses that involves the use of inorganic materials, high temperatures, and toxic chemicals. This has been resolved by researchers who built the circuits that are about one thousandths the width of a human hair, and light-emitting diodes that are one third of a millimeter across.

They tested this prototype on rabbits and they showed no signs of trouble throughout the thirty minute time period they wore the lenses.  Scientists are happy with the prototype and say that the real thing is going to come out sometime in 2014.

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