ID Cards???

OK so I have an  idea for this school. Do you hate how long it takes to get your lunch everyday? Do you end up having only five minutes to eat? Oh my!  I think that this school should have ID cards. What is an ID  card?  It’s a card that has your picture, your full name, and your ID number. This is how it works – everyday when you go to the cafeteria you just swipe your card, just like a credit card, that’s it. OK so if like you misbehave in class they put it on your ID card, if you do what your supposed do you get Falcon points.  Falcon points are like rewards. If you have enough you go to the assistant principle and he gives you a prize. If you get a tardy the teacher scans it, and  its on there, its easier to keep track of your behavior, and it speeds up the lunch line.  It will look just like a teacher’s.

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