A new company called ‘Boxer8’ is making a new console – the  Ouya (OOH-Yuh). The starting price when it comes out in March of 2013 will be $99. The catch is that it is only going to be able to hold 8GB of  memory. The controller will be wireless, and the console will be the size of a person’s hand.

The system’s first exclusive game will be called, “Human Element”,  the prequel of the former Call of Duty. The maker (Robert Bowling) was the producer from Infinity Ward who helped make the Call of Duty series. He has contributed $10,000 to the cause. The makers are hoping to make it the next worldwide hit.

It will make a good profit for the company and good savings for the buyers. For all  you people that love to play games,  this is what I believe to be a good system. Wait for  the Ouya console to come out  during March of 2013.

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