Rackspace Co-Founder Visits Krueger

The Rackspace co- founder is visiting Krueger today! His name is Dirk Elmendorf , and he spends his time promoting the technology and services that make Rackspace unique. He went to Trinity University and got a B.A. in international economics. He is a “thought leader” at RackLabs where he works on process innovation to help Rackspace continue to lead the field  in innovation and service.

Rackspace believes strongly in helping schools, and Mr. Elmendorf is visiting with Mr. Beck’s and Mr. Doria’s students today to talk to them about how being smart is not enough – you have to have hard work to turn your ideas into action, and how your actions can be turned to success.

Rackspace is consistently ranked by Fortune magazine as one of the best companies in the world to work for, and  their headquarters is right across I35 from us, close to Roosevelt High School!

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