Fall Fundraiser

There is a new fundraiser coming to Krueger Middle School. This one is called the Fall Fundraiser. Mr. Corrington the fundraiser announcer who you might know by his appearance in the morning announcements  on 9-20-12.

There are a lot of cool prizes you can win like a Xbox 360 with Kinnect but that means you have to sell a lot of items to get it. But some of the items are just crazy like sell ten items and get and angry birds pen. There are still cool ones though like the mini fridge, “chill” foldable water bottle, or the iPad they offer at the end of the list.

Those prizes vary sometimes between good and bad, but you won’t even have a chance if you don’t show your parents. One of the suggestions Mr. Corrington had was putting it in the fridge if you think you would forget. This is going to be a awesome fundraiser so get selling!


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  1. Travis says:

    That was awesome 😀 !!!

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