Fun Food Friday – Sweet Potatoes

Do you remember Fun Food Friday? That’s when we have a sample food that is  something different and unusual.  This week we are having sweet potato tater tots. If you have tried sweet potatoes you should know that they are sweeter than the usual white potatoes, but they are also very good for your health. The sweet potatoes have vitamin A and a lot of fiber. It is known as a “Super Food” – foods that are very nutritious and good for your health.

Vitamin A is very good for your eyesight. On Friday don’t be scared and pick up a sweet potato tater tot so you can find a new way to enjoy sweet potatoes. Did you know that they come in a bright purple but they are usually found in Japan or other Asian countries. Most orange potatoes  that we eat in the U.S are grown in North Carolina.

Have you ever wondered  about who invented tater tots? In 1953 a company named Ore Ida picked leftover pieces from the potatoes and put them together to make the very first tater tots. You are used to white potato tater tots but you have never tried sweet potato tater tots, just stop by the line on Friday and try the sample.

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