Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Movie!

People have long anticipated the second Percy Jackson Movie, and now we know it is planned to come out March 26 2013. This movie is the second movie of the Percy Jackson series, when Percy and Annabeth go to the Bermuda Triangle to not only save camp but to also save their friend Grover.  In this movie they should meet a new character named Tyson (he is also a cyclops). There are new monsters they’re introducing to the story other than Cyclops, like a siren, and much more (hopefully). In this quest they will be heading to the island of Polyphemus in the Sea of Monsters, to get the Golden Fleece for the tree that provides the magical barrier around camp Half-Blood(that is at least how the book went).

The reason this movie is a big deal is because the book series is such a big hit with my age group. The general comment said is, “The book series was great.” The first movie they did wasn’t to good with the people who read the book because they were expecting much more. So I hope this one is a lot better (even though second movies are never as good).

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  1. Nathaniel Sellers says:

    I do not think that this movie is going to be good because the last one did not follow the book at all.

    • Robert Downing says:

      It still might be good if it was enough action scenes. Also it looks like it will follow the book a little more than the last one because they have the tree, and all the stuff they have to face in the book (oh they will have Tyson and that undead boat).

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