A Google A Day?

Yes a Google a day is a Google “scavenger hunt” that gives you a question and allows you to use Google to search for the answer. There is a new question every day posted and Google users are challenged to find the answer by searching for webpages, images, and maps.Some of the ways to find A Google a Day is by scrolling over the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button until you find the “I’m Feeling Puzzled” button, search for it on Google, or go to agoogleaday.com

It is a good way to spend some free time to learn something new. The questions are usually something you wouldn’t expect, or something the average person wouldn’t know, questions like these:

“What kind of table was first produced by the 8th Laird of Merchistoun?”

“What color was my crown before I united the “two lands” of Upper and Lower Egypt around 3000 BCE?”

“Who did the wife of the first monotheist king of Egypt worship?”

“Which man’s “bulldog” coined the term agnostic?”

Those are all real questions posted by Google in September, and they continue to post more. It is both fun and educational, a great way to spent some free time in my opinion. You know what they say, a Google a day keeps knowledge on the way.

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