The weather becomes colder, all you hear on the radio is Christmas music and bad turkey puns, the stores and supermarkets prepare for the most infamous shopping day of the year, early Christmas decorations are hung up, and you know all of these are signs for only one thing, Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated all through out North America. The first Thanksgiving was held by the pilgrims of Massachusetts to give thanks to the Native Americans that helped them to survive in the new world. It was celebrated in the fall because it was the end of the pilgrim’s first successful harvest since they arrived. As time went on the “tradition” of gathering together to be thankful for what they have became more popular. As it’s popularity grew it was soon recognized as a national holiday and is now celebrated by millions of North Americans with family reunions, large turkey feasts, fall colors, and being thankful for what they have, just as the pilgrims and Native Americans did.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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