Krueger Middle School Dress Code

As a student new to this school, I have to say – the uniforms here are not cool. Everybody is at school dressed the same and no one has any time to show off their fashion sense except on Free Dress days on Mondays when we have 97%  of our school attend classes the previous week. There is a weekend between Friday and Monday, and some people don’t remember when there is free dress on Monday. Then again, sometimes people think we have free dress and we don’t.

Free Dress is now on Monday, but nobody really likes Mondays. I feel that free dress should be on Friday because most people like Fridays because it’s the end of the week. It also feels unfair to base free dress on the attendance of the whole school – they should do it by grade level. If 97% of 8th grade and 97% of 7th grade attends school, but only 95% of 6th grade comes, that should mean 7th and 8th grade should get free dress instead of punishing everybody. That hardly seems fair!


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