2012 is coming, or is it?

December twenty-first two thousand twelve is it really going to be the end of the world? I think  not, because even though we had a little snow last year the same happened, like, ten years back, instead we would be seeing changes like a blizzard in Texas, and a scorcher New York. Yet I don’t see that happening.

This madness that the world is going to end was started because of the Mayan Calendar. The reason we think the world will end is because the Mayan Calendar stops even though it was accurate and following the days for hundreds of years. That made everyone think that we were going to die the day the Mayan Calendar ends. One of three possibilities could be that the Mayans didn’t have a big enough rock. Another one would be that they just gave up with the project because it was taking too long. The third would be that the world will actually end but that isn’t likely.

It would stink because if the world ends on that day everyone will be all hyped up for Christmas, and then bang! The world is destroyed, yet that is still very, and I mean very unlikely to happen so don’t worry.

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