Winter Holiday Dance!

Dear Falcons ,

Our PTA and Principal Mr.Smith have made some changes to the Winter Holiday Dance. For Friday December 14, 2012 it will be a free dress day for everyone and, all grade level students will get free entry to the dance. You will need to bring $4 to the door if you want to eat- that will pay for your dinner and dessert.

Now that everybody gets free dress, that should encourage more students to attend. You will no longer have to pay more at the door, and you don’t have to eat. Just come enjoy yourself at the dance with your friends, peers and fellow teachers. Here’s the menu:

BBQ Meatballs

Sausage Wrapped in Croissant Breading

Winter Pasta Salad

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Desserts of All Kinds

Apple Cider and Winter Lime Sherbet Punch     

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