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Hey my fellow students!  Do you have bad grades and need some help, but can’t go in the mornings? I have looked at the school activities and I  think I have the  solution to your problems. All tutoring days will be from 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM so you will have time for other social activities. This after school help will be for all grade levels so you may have to go to some other class rooms. 

Monday tutorial:

Social Studies tutorials  will be held in the Library, and  Math tutorials will be held in room Room 401. These teachers are our school’s math wizards .                                                

Tuesday tutorial:

Science tutorials  will be held in Room 603. You can say “these are our nice scientists”, but don’t call them evil scientists or you might get detention.

Thursday tutorial :

Need help on both English/Reading Tutorials or perhaps just one of these classes? English/Reading tutorials  will be held in the  Library. These are our book worms – the nice ones just to make that clear.

Volunteer teachers are willing to help you get good grades and might teach you their own strategies.

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