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There are a lot of great movies coming out for the summer. These movies should come out around the break, and some are already out if you want to go see some awesome movies. Some of the movies have just started filming so it might not even come out during this year, but I will tell you anyway cause I am really excited for these movies.

Iron Man 3 had just came out, and I thought it was pretty good. When I was at the movie I saw an ad for Thor: The Dark World which is coming out Nov. 8, and is looking pretty awesome. There is also a new Superman movie coming out for all you Superman fans on June 14. There is also a new Jurassic Park. Now that would be an awesome movie with the special effects now a days, but lets just hope it still has a great story behind it. Star Trek: Into Darkness is also coming out this summer for everyone who is a Star Trek fan; which is coming out May 17. There is also a new Wolverine movie coming out on July 26, wow there are a lot of Marvel movies coming out aren’t there?

That was a list of movies that I was personally excited for that should be coming out over the summer. There still are some movies that I am excited to see next year though. I will tell you that they are planning to make another Avengers movie in 2015 so look forward to that.































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