Falcon Camp 2013

Welcome back to Krueger Middle School everyone! We have had some exciting years at Krueger, and now another has arrived! And, our new sixth graders have just gone through a one-day Falcon Camp!


Many sixth graders that attended Falcon Camp found out how to use their lockers and tour the rocketry building, technology wing, the portables, and many more important rooms and locations! Tours, given by the teachers, showed them all over the school and also the cafeteria, gym, and auditorium. They were also handed their schedules, and were told where the certain classes were in the buildings. Many clubs began their recruiting like the robotics club, scrubs club, and the new SCI FI club!

Then, once all the tours and speeches were done, they had to attend one final assembly where the principal, Mr. Smith, and the 6th grade assistant principal, Mr.Chavez, gave a few words of welcome and some acknowledgments. It was a new comfort and great day for all the students (new and old) at Krueger!

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