Welcome Back Everyone!!!

Welcome back to Krueger Middle School everyone! We have had some exciting years at Krueger, and now another has arrived!

For the next few weeks we will get back into the mood of middle school (and for all you new six graders, getting used to middle school). Some changes that have happened: the Auditorium has gotten a makeover, and band has had some changes too. Go check-out the Auditorium and don’t freak-out; new sound-proof panels have been installed, replacing the windows. Also, there are rumors going around that the school website is getting a complete makeover!

Another thing that is happening here at the beginning of the year is the Drum Café: which, if you don’t remember, is a big anti-bully assembly where we go bang on bongo drums and have a lot of fun! The assembly will be in the morning and maybe some of the teachers will even dance for us again!

Also, for the first day you will be in advisories for the full day, except lunch and some assemblies. After that, we just have advisory the first fifteen minutes of the day, then after the first week, it’s really business as usual. Our first fundraiser, for PTA, begins September 3rd. Be sure to have some ideas on where and how to sell, to get yourself some cool prizes and money for our fabulous PTA!

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