Former Coach Riley Brown


KMSN writers Matthew and Lauren interviewed Coach Riley Brown who started his coaching years in 1982.

He was the Athletic Director, and when he was here, they had “very poor lighting in the PE room (upper gym). Now they have fluorescent lighting. It’s just more modern.” He also said that “We had one gym (upper gym), then they built a new one in 1983-1984, which became the boy’s gym.” When he was here, he coached both girls and boys, in many sports such as Football, Basketball, Track, Tennis, and Golf, when he didn’t have coaches to fill those positions.


Coach Brown also taught at Aransas Pass and Kerrville, coaching Football and Basketball. He says he was “asked by a principal to coach at an Elementary School.” Then a few years later, he was asked by a High School principal to go coach Football. He also said that he wanted nothing changed if he could have a do-over. Coach Brown retired in 2007, so the 6th graders he knew then are now Seniors in High School!

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  1. Bedford says:

    Coach Brown was at Krueger MS when I was there back in 1988-1990, when coaches; Page, Rich, and Jepson were there. Coach Brown took great pride in the athletic programs, and I even remember him cutting the football field with a push lawnmower and setting the white lines. Although, I was not in athletics, I admired his dedication!!!

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