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We, the students of  Krueger Middle School, were lucky have a wonderful group of musicians visit us. On Friday, September the 6th, the “Drum Café” came to our school. We had a blast learning about different drums and how to play them. There were 4 different people that came and played for us. This was a motivational program, designed to get us being comfortable with ourselves. It was also designed to raise bullying awareness.

 This group of musicians is amazing. They all played the djembe, an African drum used long ago for communication. They had at least a hundred of these things, all laid out on the boy’s gym floor. Everything was set up nicely, and they were very charismatic. But us, being 8th graders, weren’t all that into it at first. After a little while, however, we all joined in. They brought up the staff in the room, and taught them all a song and dance. It was so cool of them to do that for us. We got a real kick out of it!

The Drum Café is not just them, but a group of dozens of people working to bring unity to students across America. They were extremely nice and fun to be around. It was a pleasure having them visit us at Krueger Middle School!

To learn more, you can visit their website,  www.drumcafe.com

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