On The Court: Volleyball practice

Serving a winner

Volleyball practice has been going really good. We had our first game a couple weeks back and we’ve been training every day two times a day. We learned something new called ‘Setting’, that is when you make a triangle with your first 3 fingers and push out so the ball will go straight up. That has been really exciting. Then we’ve been practicing on our serving and bumping, which we’re improving a lot, Coach Vela had told us.

In our regular Athletics period we do a lot of running and muscle building exercises so that we can get fit and in a healthier shape. We do things like lunges, squats, push ups, and A LOT of running. Our next game is on September 26 and we’ll be playing Driscoll Middle School, 7th grade at home. We are all looking forward to showing off our new skill and doing great.

A lot of people think Volleyball is just hitting a ball over a net, but it’s a lot more than just that. It’s also being able to work with a team, keeping your grades up all the time, respecting your teammates and opponents,  being a good sport, and most of all enjoying school so you have something to look forward to and motivated to come to school.

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