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Volleyball at Krueger Middle School has been really exciting. We’ve been training hard at practices so we can get better at our games. I have really been seeing a huge improvement at practice. At first we were all nervous and stiff but I think now we’ve all gotten more comfortable.

My friend/ teammate Gabbie told me “I love volleyball, it keeps my grades up and I have something to keep me busy after school”. My other friend, Ariel, said “We learn how to work as a team, and break out of our shell”. The last person I talked to was my friend/team mate Cassy, she had told me “I stay more active and I’m getting more fit”.

Joining volleyball has also helped me make a lot more friends; I used to be really shy and quiet. But, volleyball has really taken me out my shell. Even when I’m not at practice I still talk to my teammates when I see them during school hours. So I know we’ll be friends even after volleyball ends.

My experience with volleyball has been such a blast I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve learned a lot since I’ve first started, such as taking responsibility, watching my grades, and most of all, working and helping my teammates and sticking up for them no matter what!

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