Changing of Weather

So I’ve been noticing a big change in the weather. We had our first cold front a couple weeks back and since I’ve been getting up early in the mornings around 5am its been really chilly outside. Honestly, I love the winter almost as much as I love the summer.

One reason why I love winter so much is because of fashion. I love boots and cute sweaters. I like how you can just wear a simple outfit ┬áthen just accessorize ┬áthem with a really cute scarf. You don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty when you go outside for gym. I think anyone would rather wake up to it being nice and fresh outside rather than it being like 1000 degrees!

Another reason is the holidays. I absolutely love all holidays but my top favorites are Christmas and Thanksgiving. My favorite part about Thanksgiving is the cooking. I love waking up early and helping my grandma cook for our whole family. My favorite part about Christmas is going to get our Christmas tree, decorating our house,and present shopping! I like picking out things I think my family members would really like and enjoy receiving.

These are almost all the reasons I love the winter. There are many more but these are my absolute top two favorites. I like the idea of everything changing completely, going from bathing suits and flip flops, Popsicles and snow cones

to sweatshirts, boots, hot chocolate and marshmallows. I am so excited because its just around the corner!

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