Krueger Hoops: Up Coming Basketball Season

Volleyball season has ended for the season but despite how much my teammates and I are going to miss it, basketball try outs for Krueger Middle School were on November 19 through the 21. They were really intense and we didn’t have any idea what coach B had planned for us. Everything was unexpected and we were always on the tips of our toes.

As soon as we got there coach already had us doing dribbling courses. The first day we mainly focused on dribbling skills and lay ups. We did a whole lot of running,  because in games were going to have to be running up and down the court. The second day we started off with dribbling courses,and after that we played a game where you had to steal the ball from your opponent before they made a shot, it was pretty exciting. The last day we did a little scrimmage 5 on 5, to get a feel of what its like to have defense on you. It was really difficult but with practice we should get the hang of it.

Basketball is a whole lot of running around so it was a big change from volleyball, so we have a lot of getting use to. We have a couple practices before are first scrimmage against Jackson on December 11, and I’m going to be giving it my all so I can be ready the second I step on the court!

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