STAAR Tactics

This is the second semester of the 2013-14 Semester here at Krueger. This is a big time of the year because we have STAAR® testing in the spring. Our teachers will increase our homework, crack down harder on us, and make sure we understand everything we need to to pass this major set of tests. As we get older the amount of tests we must take increases. From our first STAAR® test to our SATs, these tests can help us go where we please, or they can limit you severely if you don’t take them seriously.

 Most of us will pass. Many of us can get commended. But rest and energy are the 2 biggest things you can do to change your score. Eating a good breakfast is important, but don’t overeat. That can lead to headaches, upset stomachs, and tiredness.Getting rest is important too, but don’t hit the snooze button. Your body has a sleep cycle, and if interrupted, this can cause drowsiness. Hitting the snooze will cause your cycle to restart, and then get interrupted again. So just get up, and your body will sort it out.

So get good rest, and eat well. If you are otherwise prepared, you’ll get flying colors.

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