Track Season

This year’s track season is in full swing and it’s not waiting for anyone. Track is not like the other sports with basketball and volleyball having A, B and C teams; it’s either you’re one of the fastest runners or you can’t participate in the track meets. While some think this is unfair, I think that it isn’t. Why? Because, those who run every day and put in their hardest deserve to participate in track meets, unlike those who don’t work hard or try to improve themselves. Even though some people may not be as fast as others, our coaches try their best to have everyone go to at least one track meet.

The way track works is you sign up for the event you want to do, then you go to tryouts. Our coaches will then watch and see what they think each kid would be the best at. The majority of the time the event you tryout for isn’t the event the coaches put you in. You practice your event every day after school with different coaches, your coach will help improve yourself and help you with pointers on what they think you should work on. Track is not as simple as you think, because when you compete you aren’t always going against one school like the past sports, such as volleyball and basketball. There are times you’ll be going against all district schools. Our coaches try their best to get us ready so we can come out winners every time. images

Most my friends are in track and since they have started they have enjoyed every minute of it. When talking to one of my friends Yvette, she said, “It’s really difficult, so I’m always trying my hardest.” Then, while talking to my friend Jaysawn, she said, “Track is really hard so I’m always running at home whenever I get free time.” This shows that you always have to be putting in 110% and never quit until you’re at the top in whatever you do. With all of Krueger’s support and our amazing coaches that are always motivating us, we have a good chance of the winning district competition!

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