The end of the year

June 5th is the end of the school year for Krueger students. So, what do you do? Will you get up at noon, and play games, or are you the type to visit relatives? So, what is it?

As a student here myself, I understand the stress that comes with school, and the relief of any sort of break from work of any kind. I am the type to do everything and nothing. I say that as in I do everything I want to, and almost nothing I don’t. I do, of course, have some things I have to do, like chores, coming out to visit family, and mowing the lawn, but mostly I stay inside and play video games, or go out and play with my friends in the little wooded area our subdivision has.

My other family members, however, are different. My mom stays busy 24/7, arranging times for appointments, rushing to take us places, and taking care of us when we are ill. My sister is unpredictable, though she has been showing a strong interest in Minecraft lately. She may play that all summer. My dog, Spice, is always having fun in the sun, so maybe she’s going to run around some, maybe bask in the sun.

Summer is a great time to play with friends, meet new people, and go to exciting new locations. Try something new this summer, and you may just like it. Whether it’s a new place, or climbing a mountain of sand down in Corpus, you’re bound to find something you like.

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