Leader in Me: Summary

Krueger Middle School is starting a program that is going on around the country that many Elementary school students have already invested in. Created by a man by the name of Stephen Covey, the Leader in Me is geared to increase efficiency in schools, workplaces, and at home. There are 7 keys to this program.


1 – Be proactive – Do all of what you need to well, then what you want to do.

2 – Begin with the end in mind – always plan for the future by clearly knowing your goal. What happens now affects your next choice.

3 – Put first things first– Whatever is most important, do it first.

4 – Think win-win– Try to make it so everyone is happy with the outcome. If you can’t collaborate to compromise.

5 – Seek first to understand, then to be understood– Listen to understand.

6 – Synergize – Synchronization with your problem-solving associates is key.

7 – Sharpen the saw– Practice, improve, repeat.


As this program takes off, students will be expected to develop character, have better grades and social skills, and treat others with more respect. The more you push it, the bigger the impact will be and the more visible the results. We’ve just started this in our Reading/English classes, and  it’s still being figured out.  As we learn to understand it more, however, it will most likely start to have a bigger impact on our school lives.

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