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I was given the nickname "Dianica" during my seventh grade career by my friends. I am a young author who is supportive of other authors, especially other authors on the deviantART! website. I am a young athlete, joining the volleyball, tennis, and track team this year. In band, I play oboe (currently first chair oboist), a woodwind, double-reed instrument. I'm interested in Japanese culture and have been working on a web-show called "Just Japan" with my co-hostess, Jasmine Olivares.
Website: http://www.deviantart.iheartpoetry.com
Dianica has written 8 articles so far, you can find them below.

Geeky Websites

Helpful websites for artists, writers, and manga/anime fans.

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Characters Used In Fan-Fiction

Have a favorite character from an anime/manga and love to write? Would like to make a character of your own? Read this post for some helpful tips.

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How to Write Fan-Fiction

Fan-fiction! A great combination of my two favorite things: writing and manga. But exactly what is “fan-fiction?”

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Make Yourself a Better Author

Love to write? Have a passion for jotting down ideas for future stories you could write? I bet you want to be an author when you grow up. Don’t worry, you’re not a nerd, don’t be embarrassed to express yourself as a future author. All you are right now is a… misunderstood writer.

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Shojo Beat!

Shojo Beat, the category of manga for romance.

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Krueger Falcon Band

It’s loud, exciting, fun, and it’s the biggest band in all of NEISD: Krueger Middle School Band!

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