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I love 2 sing and my favorite band is Paramore i can listen 2 that and 2 my favorite singer in the whole world, DEMI LOVATO!!! =0, all day long. The thing i love the most besides MEXICAN food is 2b my hippy self n laugh intill I cry. I'm really sensitive =( and believe tht word peace WILL one day exist. N thts part of me.
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We Need Backpacks!

No Falcon is allowed to carry their backpacks around, but backpacks could truly be beneficial in many ways.

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Bullying can affect people so much that they can go up to commit suicide. It’s proved that over fourteen percent of students consider committing suicide and seven percent actually commit suicide because of bullying.

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    Apologies are hard to deal with, especially when you’re the one who is apologizing. Lot’s of people just say “sorry” and don’t even mean it, but that’s not the point of apologies. An apology is what proves the strength of a friendship. At times, it’s so hard to apologize – at times you apologize even […]

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