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Hello everyone, my name is Matthew. I am in eighth grade, and I am a news writer for KMSN, our school’s online newspaper. To be honest, I am writing this with my dysgraphic hands, meaning that writing for me is sometimes sloppy and I do get cramps. Anyway, I really like the band, where I am a Varsity 1 trombone player. I also am a military-sim kind of person, since I go to Vietnam and Desert Storm reenactments. I have a very small immediate family, but a very large total family, consisting of almost 20 Aunts and Uncles! I also am really into aviation, which might be genetic, due to my grandparents and uncles being pilots. I also am related to Neil Armstrong! Anyway, thanks for reading about me. Hope you like my stories!
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Quadrotors! What are these marvelous machines? These machines, in 10 years, maybe bringing us drinks, guarding us from strangers, or bringing us packages from far away via UPS or FedEx!

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The New Fighter: The F-35B

Many of you in 8th grade Rocketry have heard about the new F-35B, The US’s new stealth Fighter/Attacker!

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Drum Cafe

Students at Krueger really enjoyed this year’s Drum Café

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Welcome Back Everyone!!!

Welcome back to Krueger Middle School everyone! We have had some exciting years at Krueger, and now another has arrived!

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