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Hi, my name is Victoria, and I want to let you about myself. I love to play my instruments, piano and violin. I also love sports, such as soccer, and volleyball. My favorite color is pink although I also really love the color green. I admire animals, and have one australian shepherd dog named Oshi (Oh-She). I have 3 siblings and of course a mom and dad. Don't forget, I enoy reading, and math! :)
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Orchestra Prepares for UIL

Did you know that there is not only UIL for intelligence, there is also UIL for musical talents! This year like all the other years, Krueger’s very own symphony orchestra is going to UIL to compete against various other schools at Johnson High School.

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How Healthy Foods Affect You and Why Are They Needed

How do healthy foods affect you? Well in many ways, healthy foods help supply energy for every single action we perform, from writing an essay to going to your sport practice.

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Exercise and Its Importance

Exercise is important – why not learn about it?

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Bad Memory?

Do you have bad memory? Well, not to worry, because there are things that you can do to help.

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