New Movies

Thankfully there are a lot of new movies coming out for summer break.

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The new movies of 2013!

These are some movies of 2013 that you might also be looking forward to.

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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Movie!

Percy and Annabeth go to the Bermuda Triangle to not only save camp but to also save their friend Grover.

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The Hunger Games Have Just Begun!

The most anticipated movie in America will arrive on March 23,2012 this movie is supposed to be bigger than Twilight!

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Harry Potter Is Over (Or Is It?)

Harry Potter was followed by millions all over the world.  Now that all the books are published and all the movies created, edited, and sent to theaters, children all over the globe are sad and don’t know what they are going to read next.  Harry Potter is over (or is it?) Starting when the 1st […]

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Asian Dramas

In this article we learn about Asian dramas, including the latest breakout shows.

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