A Giving Guide #2

Introduction to the Greater Good Network, a charity that runs 8 different websites that you can help by just clicking a button on the site!

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Krueger Book fair

Like books? Then go to the Krueger Book fair!

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The Weekly Bling!!

Latest edition of what’s Hot and what’s Not at Krueger.

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Well to start off  most bullies probably come from broken      homes, which causes them to lash out and get very angry. If   you don’t want to be bullied then stay away from that person or try to help them out so they don’t lash out at you    anymore. If you are […]

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The Weekly Bling!!!

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Bling! OH NO! The high schools are taking over middle school! Osiris all over campus! The students here are supporting their home high schools by wearing clothes with high school logos. The most popular is Roosevelt High School, but Reagan is the best in my opinion. Most kids support their high […]

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Make Yourself a Better Author

Love to write? Have a passion for jotting down ideas for future stories you could write? I bet you want to be an author when you grow up. Don’t worry, you’re not a nerd, don’t be embarrassed to express yourself as a future author. All you are right now is a… misunderstood writer.

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Krueger Calendar of Events

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