A Giving Guide #1

Welcome to the 1st A Giving Guide of the year!¬† Today I will talk about Stand Up For Kids, a charity right here in San Antonio. Stand Up for Kids’s mission is to help at risk and homeless¬†children and teen-agers.¬† If someone is 21 or younger, then they will be helped by Stand Up for […]

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Dogs: The Family Friend #1

Welcome to the new school year! This is Dogs: The Family Friend #1! Today I will talk about the Spitz.

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Dress Code and Behavior Expectations

Dress code and other campus expectations are reviewed to help refresh student memories.

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The Weekly Bling!

The next installment of Krueger’s fashion blog.

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Yep! Another Fundraiser

Krueger Falcons, It’s fundraising time again! This time we are selling something different: lots of food and other odds and ends. This fundraiser is specifically for Orchestra and Theater Arts.

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The Weekly Bling Has Arrived!!!

At Krueger we have uniforms, but I’m going to tell you how to rock that uniform and still be in dress code. Also you will see the latest fads and what is In or Out this week, and it’s all here at Krueger.

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