We Need Backpacks!

No Falcon is allowed to carry their backpacks around, but backpacks could truly be beneficial in many ways.

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Greater Good Network Part 2♥

Read this to find out about the 2nd charity brought to you by Greater Good Network…
The Breast Cancer Site!

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The Effects of texting

Today, kids as well as adults like to text, not only can it affect the education a student receives, but it also can affect your health. How can something as simple as texting affect your body?

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Greater Good Network Part 1♥

Read this to find out about the 1st website by Greater Good Network.

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Anti-Bullying Week at Krueger

This week is Anti-Bullying week! This week students are allowed to have a ton of fashion choices to promote anti-bullying week.

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    Apologies are hard to deal with, especially when you’re the one who is apologizing. Lot’s of people just say “sorry” and don’t even mean it, but that’s not the point of apologies. An apology is what proves the strength of a friendship. At times, it’s so hard to apologize – at times you apologize even […]

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